10 Hidden Truths of Digital Marketing Laws you need to Know
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10 Hidden Truths of Digital Marketing Laws You Need to Know

Marketing has transcended to Digital Marketing. You may wonder what could be the new law of digital marketing. What is so interesting about it?  Digital marketing trends are evolving creating a major impact on business, and that is perhaps creating more confusion among modern marketers. How and why Digital Marketing works?

In this write-up, I will talk about a few hidden truths of Digital Marketing law greatly impacting both the business and customers. If you are a student interested in Digital marketing or a budding startup planning to launch a Digital Marketing strategy, this will be a useful guide. You will know the basics of digital marketing, its difference from traditional marketing, and customer behavioral changes in digital shopping.

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10 Hidden Truths of Digital Marketing Laws

Let me explain one by one.

The law of Digital Marketing is not different from basic marketing

Did you know marketing existed since 4200 B.C.? An ancient marketing content found in a cave painting, loosely interpreted by scientists goes like this, six ways to use a spear to save yourself from wild attacks. And today we see almost the same strategy through some remarkable graphic designs and youtube videos.

Marketing is the science of understanding human psychology that leads to specific behavioral patterns. It is about building perceptions about a specific product or service through proper communication and messages that would drive an individual to make a purchase. Human beings are primed to be heard, recognized, and appreciated. And when you do that successfully through effective communication by patiently hearing their needs/demands and appreciating those with your quality service or product, you win. You understand the customer’s psychology better than others.

Therefore, whatever we talk about Digital Marketing, the fundamentals of marketing remain the same. So, what is different in digital marketing? It is in different modalities of communication through digital channels. That is all about Digital Marketing.

Then, what is so interesting about Digital Marketing? The simple answer is the evolution of two-way responsive communication modes facilitated by digital channels and virtual interactive platforms. From landline phones, Radio, TV, and Print Media to massive internet penetration through Smartphones and other Digital devices, marketing has undergone a sea change.

Marketing today is not about just delivering a message or content to consumers but how fast you can send it and study their reaction/experience. This has given Digital Marketers ample scope to innovate to cut through the growing market chaos and reach potential customers.

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Today anytime is shopping time

 According to McKinsey reports, 75% of US consumers are opting for new shopping behavior/choice by ditching brand loyalties.

Today’s customers are more empowered in decision-making. The way you shopped for a product or service a decade before is no more the same, especially after the pandemic. Just look back 5-10 years. How many of us thought of shopping from home and home delivery of everything from salt to software? How many of us thought of shopping for education online anytime without caring for conventional semester sessions?

How many new providers have emerged? Today, 63% of shopping happens online. While you never complained waiting to get things delivered earlier, today you will not hesitate to switch over to another provider if a brand keeps you waiting. You have more options. Digital channels are offering means of fastest and quality delivery of products and services creating unique shopping experiences. This has created more competition in the digital marketing space with an equal share of opportunities and challenges.

Traditional marketing and Digital Marketing differ in execution and target markets

Your customers are online 24X7. An estimated 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy online in 2021 as per a 2017 Statista report.  

The prime differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing lie in cost-effectiveness and faster outreach. Spending in Indian Advertising in 2021 is up by 18.6% from 2020 whereas the digital advertising market has shown an unprecedented 35.3% growth in the same year. It may either equal or surpass TV advertising by 2023.

Traditional advertising through electronic and print media is more costly than digital marketing. Plus, the responsiveness from traditional marketing is very low. And you cannot track your customers’ reactions and journeys. Consumers in digital media are so interactive thanks to ever-increasing popularity of social media that you can understand them better and reach out to them with the right kind of product. Traditional marketing is still relevant in specific markets with lesser internet penetration and digital devices.

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Digital channels facilitate better persuasive communication

The provision of creating dynamic content in digital marketing has created more opportunities for strategic and persuasive communication without annoying the customers. For example, if you search for anything be it a product, service, or information online, how many Ads get floated in front of your eyes? Countless!

This lessens your effort and you are most likely to get what you want without further waste of time. You make faster purchase decisions. Persuasion can happen through text messages, emails, and varied types of advertisements. These tap your emotions and thought process more effectively driving you towards purchase.

CATT – Key steps to successful digital marketing

Now, let us talk about some key points for a successful digital marketing strategy which is CATT- Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction.

Content– Your content should attract. This means not just word play but adding some real value to your target customers. Your content can be in a text, audio, or video format but should be appealing, attractive, and most importantly beneficial. Do not take your customers’ attention for granted by serving crap and clumsy things.

Attention – What is the average attention span of customers? It is less than 8 seconds. High-quality content does attract attention. But do you think it will attract enough eyeballs unless you make it interactive? 81% of marketers say interactive content is very effective in drawing customers’ attention. The market is dynamic where everybody is screaming for attention. To successfully make your offering seen and heard, you may like to opt for some paid services in SEO, blogging, and Social Media advertising.

Trust- When uncertainty is the only certainty in the world, customers just cannot afford to waste their money on a bad purchase.  In a survey, nearly 73% of customers trust a brand for its great delivery and customer service. You should be able to connect with your audience well with your engaging content giving them the feeling that you are the business whom they can trust without any fear or hesitation.

Transaction- Transaction or sales happens when you gradually build trust among your potential customers. Give the buyers a superb buying experience who will trust you and spread word-of-mouth referrals. You will need quality content, persuasive communication, great landing pages, prompt responses, and proper support to make this happen.

93% of customers are likely to make a repeat purchase with a brand or business if they get exceptional customer service. The leading example is Amazon. Based on a US survey, 89% of customers are more likely to buy products from Amazon than from other e-commerce shops.

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Great storytelling

Not those stories that will make your audience sleep but those that are crisp, to the point, and gives results. They not only love to hear stories but like to comment and share. Whenever you see a good movie, don’t you go on persuading others to see it? You tell good things about the movie – the story, the acting, songs, dialogue, and what not? The same goes for digital marketing. Those apt in storytelling take the cake. Many fail to recognize the power of this hidden law of digital marketing.  But make sure not to waste your audience’s time and attention. Always add value to whatever you propose and keep it short.

Digital marketing is more of interaction and less promotion

How many of us switch to a different TV channel whenever an Ad pops up in the middle of an interesting program? It leaves us annoyed, isn’t it? The main reason is that – they don’t take our permission or value our time. Neither you get the chance to show your reaction to the marketers. In digital marketing, the scenario is different. As a customer, you are available online. You have the option to put your views and make your selection.

Therefore, businesses have to put their heart and soul to respect your attention, likes, and dislikes through continuous interactions in digital channels. They give out valuable information or suggest effective solutions through blogs, posts, and videos. They interact with you continuously directly or indirectly to understand what exactly you want and build an online reputation.

79% of users present online trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family members and close circles.

Online reputation is a big thing for businesses. They understand best the adage “The Customer is the King”. So, their motto is always to give you royal treatment by doing only what you want and understanding what you need. If they understand your unsaid needs, they straightaway win your loyalty. You will think twice before choosing another business for that specific purpose.

Omnichannel digital marketing is more impactful

The law of Digital marketing asserts omnichannel presence. You cannot run digital marketing successfully in a siloed manner. Most businesses do this mistake. Of course, you need to be selective about the channels and platforms. Not all platforms/channels are suitable for your product/service.  Suppose, if you are doing only paid SEO marketing, your reach will be restricted. But if you run your ads through Instagram or Facebook, the cumulative impact of your visibility will be more. People will get curious to know more about you.

They will read your bogs and click your Ads.  All these efforts through various channels will boil down to sales. Do you think running ads in all channels at a time is expensive? Not at all. There are low-cost options too. You need some clearly-defined outcome-oriented strategies.

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Mass Trust powers your personal branding

You build a brand only when people know that you are good at something. If people do not know you, how can they buy your service or product?  Trust drives your customers to buy and their words of mouth after the buying experience builds Mass Trust. Remember, customers trust other customers more than the brand.  

84% of millennial customers say that user-generated content on websites impacts their buying decisions. If somebody says good things about you, you stand a better chance of selling more and getting more customers. Therefore, if a substantial mass speaks good about you, your personal brand gets uplifted. People entrust you more. Some great examples are Google, Apple products, and Amazon.

Customers enjoy simple and easy buying processes

You have a great product but the buying procedure is very complex. Do you think customers will be happy? Place yourself in their shoes. Even if you are sharing valuable information, that should be easily visible and understandable. A poorly-designed landing page or long loading time of your website defeats the entire purpose of digital marketing.

A customer finding it difficult to navigate your products or services for the cumbersome web design will not waste a second to shift to another site that is nicely designed, loads faster, and shows instantly what they want to see. The final transaction procedure should be glitch-free, clear, and transparent enough to hold on to the customer’s emotional connect throughout the entire interaction.

Conclusion: Individuals powered by the internet and android are flooded with buying choices and experiences. As their demands soar for quality and variety, you need to tweak your strategies sticking to the basic digital marketing law by providing quality information and trust-building. Without these, you cannot make a transaction happen.

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