10 Overlooked Content Writing Mistakes You Never Thought Of
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10 Overlooked Content Writing Mistakes You Never Thought About

Losing sleep over not getting the desired outcome in content writing? Unable to figure out what is going wrong? Chances are that you might be overlooking few mistakes in content writing. It is not the typical grammatical errors, wrong format, or typos but something else. Of course, you should be careful not to make these common mistakes in content writing but at the same time have a look at other factors too.

Your aim is to create attractive content to drive your audience towards a specific action that you intend to. But these unnoticed mistakes take away the appeal of the content despite zero grammatical errors and typos. A good grasp of the language gives you a competitive edge and if you can avoid these overlooked mistakes, you will be outstanding in content writing.

In this content writing guide, I will explain ten overlooked content writing mistakes and suggest ways to fix them.

10 Overlooked Content Writing Mistakes You Never Thought About

Jargon distances you from your audience

This is one big content writing mistake that many writers are oblivious to. Simplicity is the new sophistication. How easily you can put your message to your audience and motivate them? High-sounding bombasts would only help you collect negative scores. The content should be like words coming from a close friend with live experience in the subject.

Talking to them in their language would build up the right atmosphere. Keep in mind what you say is sensible. No one out there is a fool. They have been turned wary by bitter real-life experiences if not by academic enlightenment. So they are not buying whatever you intend to sell unless it is worth their time and attention span.

The choice of words works like magic. If they find your product boring, loaded with jargon and beyond them, you are sunk. Magical words, a realistic approach, and appealing concepts would certainly sell. These would be like a drop of honey with an army of ants closing in.

Do not create hype with flowery words. What you feed them may lead them to make decisions if engaging enough. If you are strongly convinced about the validity of your content there is a chance customers get persuaded too. What the audience seeks is the crux that writers often fail to realize. In the process, they deviate from the above cardinal principles. Their contents are lost in the jungle of contents consequently.

Keep your language simple so that the audience can comprehend it.

Lacking credibility invites rejection

What you feel is what you write, fine! Some approved agencies should vouch for the concepts. Writers are often under the impression that the originality of their ideas will drive their audience. It will be branded creative among a mass of intellectual readers. Originality is great. It speaks about the writer’s creative bent of mind.

But are you sure that your audience is also on the same page? They may have different thoughts and beliefs.

Should your ideas sound interesting doesn’t mean they will act on it. The crowd is highly sensitive. They will think over a million times before taking any action on some scheme you think is brilliant. 

Content writers sometimes miss out on the importance of adding statistics and approvals. Someone competent should say that what you bring to the table has a verifiable background. Numbers and published reports are crucial. They lend credibility to your content.

Add credibility to your content through proper research and studies.

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Not respecting your audience’s time

The world is moving very fast. What is novel and exciting today is history tomorrow. To keep up with the pace people have little time to read. The constraint in efforts of roping in your audience is intense. The fast-paced world and limited attention span of your audience make your job more challenging. How many have the leisure time to sit and read?

Who do you think will go through mundane information and boring content if you don’t have any value to add? What they do is merely skim the surface of page-long texts. If something worthwhile gets caught in their search net, the content wins half the battle.

Come straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. This is one of the significant mistakes in content writing. Don’t drag your audience to unnecessary details of your offerings. They are going to lose interest in you soon and your work will be branded monotonous. Make no mistake about that. Again, if there is a need to explain, you should not cut it short.

Take care in word usage and sentence construction. Short and crisp sentences are more impactful. Crisp sentences glitter in your content and succeed in capturing the brief attention span of the audience. They will be happy to see that you respect your time.

Few such great lines, dream phrases, and wonderful ideas will set you apart. These will push you up over your competitors. Even a few grammatical errors are not so major an offense as a dull and incomprehensible content. The simple formula – give value within a few blinks!

Try setting up a slow meaningful dialogue

Talking out of context

This is a common content writing mistake but sadly many content writers choose to ignore the fact. To explain something in detail, writers often get carried away to such an extent that may not be relevant to the objective of the content. If you are writing about Covid-19 and its causes, symptoms, and treatments, what is the point in describing too much about other coronaviruses? Where a few sentences would have sufficed, many writers go on writing a page about them.  This distracts the audience and they switch over to some other content for relevant info.

Read your content several times to be on the topic.

Misjudging audience’s needs

Seldom do people read these days just to seek pleasure. Even if they do, the one they choose to read should really stand out to be exceptionally good. If you can stand out to be a writer of that caliber, nothing like it. But these are one in a million works that score with the readers. Your target audience will read something that will benefit them. Here benefits may range from health front to financial front and from wellness front to property acquisition front and beyond.

The reader looks for a great guide who will coach them in their enterprise. So, the content writer should know the subject and the audience’s needs thoroughly before penning the finer points of the content. 

Writers do make mistakes in guiding the audience along complicated and meandering routes. Your client seeks easy solutions that don’t outweigh the benefits against efforts and expenses spent. If you are writing content on a share market guide, your language should be lucid. Your logic should be unbeatable and your words should be affirmative.

Don’t make the mistake of using ambiguous terms and ideas. Readers hate that and soon come to the conclusion you are deceiving them under the cover of flowery language. Don’t make the mistake of using a plethora of technical terms either. Try explaining your point in everyday language. 

We see a similar situation when writing content on wellness, health, or travel guide for that matter. Ask yourself the simple question if you were to step into the shoes of your audience, what would be your expectations? Write to them all that works for them and directly contributes to their benefits.

The results of your suggestions may take time to materialize. Your audience has the patience to wait for the results. But they also expect to be rewarded at the end of the long wait. For this to happen you should be thorough with your homework. Do not make the mistake of writing the content for the sake of it. Write it with a purpose. Your audience is the best judge, you get back all that you give. If your content works, you are lauded to the sky. Your website is flooded with visits. If your content fails to deliver the goods your fate is sealed. All you earn is a poor brand image as a content writer.

Visualize your audience avatar while writing the content

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Lack of analogy

This is mainly found in guides and educative content. Such content demands lucid explanation which makes it lengthy. But lack of analogy to support the explanation of any concept or idea makes it a boring read.

Analogy helps the audience get a hang of the thing faster which drives them to go through the entire content. They appreciate your efforts in making things simple for them that they can implement in real life. The purpose of content creation is well served.

Adding small stories wil make your idea sell.

Repetitive ideas

Get it nailed inside you: Repetitive content is a big turn-off.

This won’t get you any far in your endeavor. It is a clear indication that you have started running out of fuel. You are now simply filling up space with redundant texts.

How you organize these words and construct a phrase is the backbone of your content. Do not give your content a poor shape by using the same words and ideas over and over again in different forms and styles. They point to the same basic concepts that you are trying to focus on.

The audience soon catches your ploy and your content starts ranking low.  Each sentence you write should be unique in its own right. Every time they must release a fresh dose of appeal to the reader and yet they do not contradict the theme of the content. They should be engaging. 

Every successful content has a tone and harmony. Make sure the flow is maintained throughout the content. This keeps the portions of ideas in equilibrium with the entire piece and sustains it from start to end. 

Repeating your ideas also shows how insecure you are with your content. You are desperately trying to hold on to a single idea instead of being prolific to produce more. 

One mistake content writers make is to write what is obvious. Readers do not want to read what they already know and universally acknowledged facts. They want to know what they did not know. They seek enlightenment from your content.

Read quality texts to create new ideas

Listen to yourself while reading your own production

You are the best judge of your content in the first phase of your content creation. In future phases, other factors do come in to decide on your chance to win the race. Do not make the mistake of ignoring your own judgment about the article.

Go through each and every sentence and see whether these sound convincing or not. You need to have a strong belief in what you present to others.

If you are not satisfied with your idea or the way of presentation, I guarantee the audience will find it bland as well. If you like it there is some chance your audience may like it too. Your judgment will steer you along the journey and end up with a good production if not great. But that initial drive is an important factor and it comes from you liking your content. 

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Missing the right approach to SEO

Missing out on SEO is a technical content writing mistake. You cannot avoid SEO. Given that you have written brilliant content, how do you reach the readers?  How does your audience know what you have written? How do they realize that you have worked a miracle for them?

Digital marketing and Search engine optimization are inseparable. What keywords would you tag that the crowd out there finds your content faster than others? 

You have got to devote sincere hours to understanding the nuances. You have got to master the way SEO works that takes your content at the top of the list when searched through a specific keyword. It is all about intelligent and calculating marketing exercise that is imperative not to allow your hard work go down the drain. 

Here are some numbers that might reveal the trend of searching by engaging the Google engine: 

  • 50 % of searches are more than four words in length.
  • 61 % of marketers arrange SEO for inbound marketing. 

But there is another side to it. Another dangerous content writing mistake is being over-focused on SEO. SEO will not work if your content lacks quality.

If you are guided by a set of words and phrases that are most prone to search and write your article keeping them in focus, the story ends there. Your content loses harmony and sense. It loses its spirit. It is now reduced to a meaningless collection of words. And Google will also not rank only keyword-focused content if there is no value in it. What happens next is quite obvious.

Casual revisions and editing

Typos and grammatical errors rob the flavor of the content even if it sounds very useful. Your content loses its aesthetic value. Do not ever make the mistake of not doing the final editing. There could be spelling errors, superfluous words, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. Revise your writing and give time for editing. A lot of trimming may have to be done. The final product should be lean, engaging, and crisp.

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