10 Surefire Ways to Set Communication with Content Writing
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10 Surefire Ways to Set the Communication with Content Writing

Have you ever wondered what makes a blog or post click? What recipes go into books that make them  bestsellers? Is it the wondrous combination of those 26 alphabets or something more? Intelligent crafting of words has that overwhelming power to keep the audience engaged. The writer has succeeded in setting the communication with content writing. They capture your full attention. Communication is a magic word that sets the bond between the author and the reader. You read the text or content over and over. Why? Because it has satisfied your needs. You need to learn this magic in content writing. 

I will explain 10 surefire ways that will help you to set the right tone of communication that will draw a huge audience than you can think of.

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Mixing pleasure and benefits – The new reading habit

Time has changed. Readers sunk deep in texts for mere pleasure of reading are turning fewer. It is the end utility of the content that counts. The messages that content carry are primarily designed to help the audience in terms of: 

  • Wealth management and enhancement.
  • Health. 
  • Personal development
  • Business development
  • Ease of doing a thing 
  • Waste management.
  • Home remedies to a range of ailments 
  • Parenting
  • Technical solutions to a host of issues.
  • Property acquisition
  • Ease of travel

The above list is certainly not exhaustive and contents do embody ideas that are genuinely novel and have a fascinating impact on the audience. Isn’t it important to master content writing skills when there is a future for this profession?

  1. Make it exclusive 

Your audience will always want you to give them one to one personalized service. They hate to see someone else snatching your attention. They always like to be the central character of the picture your content is portraying. How his/her interest is impacted by what they read in your content is of prime concern. 

The tone as well as the matter of your content should hold them in a position to assess your work from their independent perspective. Like students preferring private coaching to group tutorials not minding even to pay extra, your content should bring the ‘personal’ element too.

When you are addressing a group, the spirit of the content should be vibrant.

The words are so intensive that each member in the group gets the feeling that you are talking to him. They get oblivious to every other element in the surrounding. The reader gets completely engrossed.

2. Be clean cut in your delivery 

Your ideas should be specified without beating around the bush. There is no room for creating confusion here. Readers prefer you to write directly on ideas you want to highlight. A blurred image of your discourse gets you out of business.

A dangerous mistake is to promote the same concept multiple times under  different forms. Be careful with the selection of words; there should not be any ambiguity.

The cardinal purpose of the content is to effectively communicate with the readers. This communication can be through various channels: 

  • Blog posts.
  • Videos.
  • Podcasts .
  • Infographics, and
  • Social platform posts. 

Whatever medium you choose should have perfect alignment with their thought process. Clarity in your message builds audience’s  trust in what you convey. 

3. Simple is the new sophistication

 We may be lured to use high-sounding bombasts to show our command over vocabulary. This is rather a cheap display of knowledge in the language, I would say. Your audience is not interested in the vast range of jargons you have in stock. They will simply see whether what you say is serving their purpose. 

If you are not intelligible, they will switch over to somewhere else. Devoting time to your incomprehensible content would mean foregoing some other opportunity that will fetch them real benefits.

Simplicity in language gives comfort to the audience. Common sense says easy interaction between the content writer and the audience helps in building trust. Will you feel comfortable talking to a person whose words are not easy to follow?

4. Mind your audience’s interests

The interest of the audience is the target that you should never lose sight of. Imagine yourself in the shoes of your audience. Would you spend even a single minute on content that doesn’t have relevance to what you are searching for?

 In this context, I would suggest you do some homework to find out what are the ‘in things’ in the current scenario. It could be a whole range of ideas and products from healthcare, fashion, food, kitchenware, gadgets, cars and travel to name only a few. Needless to say, you must be more than thorough with the subject you are talking about. Ability to answer queries from potential readers is a must. If you fail to locate the needs of your audience, all your hard work will be a sheer waste of time and effort

5. Tell a great story 

People like to hear / read stories and pass them on down the generations. This way the ideas live forever.The psychological effect of listening to a story is powerful as the anecdotes referred to can be easily retained in memory. 

Seldom has there been any child who has not fondly listened to a story in its early days. This liking is ingrained in the system and is still liked at any stage of the life cycle, provided the story is convincing and well narrated. The secret of good content is how well the ideas are spun together and narrated.

If your content is intelligently woven to include stories and factual references, the reader’s mind can visualize the image. This adds more value to your content than those without stories to promote an idea or a product.

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  1. 6. Narrate success stories

If you are selling a concept or a product for that matter you should have backup data  to market its worth. Numbers always speak louder than all those choicest adjectives you employ to describe the product/ concept.Try giving backup data to support all that you are trying to sell through the content. 

Do not write lies to falsely promote a concept. The channel of information runs faster than you think, and you will earn a negative brand soon.

Do hard work and some fact finding exercise to cite concrete evidence of when, where and how your ideas have served society. This adds credibility to your content.

Examples are laid down records of what you are trying to publicize through your content. These records are verifiable and the numbers and information they include speaks for the message you are trying to convey

7. Be in the context

Every line you write should be worth its existence in the content. Do not write anything that is irrelevant to what you are trying to drive home. Writing content merely for the sake of filling up space would lose fuel halfway through the journey. Write your content with a purpose and distinct message. At no point in time any departure from the objective is acceptable by the readers.

Present day readers are, in fact, the new generation of consumers hungry for something new in the market. They are ready to pay for it. At the same time they won’t accept trash. So the content should be crisp, and the body should be in tune with the central idea.

Writers easily get carried away in the flow of writing; this is natural. There is always a chance of deviating. Navigating off the target will not be taken well by your audience. An artist 

painting a life-sized portrait always takes a few steps away from the canvas at intervals. He makes sure that the proportions are right by doing this. A content writer should also stop at intervals for a review to ensure that the context is not lost at any stage. Finer touches do the real magic. They are the killer lines packed with punch.

8. Speak to different audiences in different ways

This is a tricky part of marketing your content. All your audience are not cast in the same mold. They come from diverse backgrounds. They have been groomed differently and carry different values and beliefs. They are at different levels of understanding your message as education is not uniform. 

Your approach and language may appeal to a specific group but not all. If you are to create a positive impact on the audience, the entire group should be targeted. And properly addressed. Quantity   always counts and reaching out to as many audiences and gaining their appreciation would be the first step to a successful content. That quantity can be achieved by quality content suiting the needs of a varied section of audience.

You have to identify your audience and locate in which demographic profile they fit into.

Whatever may be their background, your content should resonate with them. You should speak in their language. We suppose you are promoting a home appliance to your audiences through your content.We assume that they come from both rural and urban areas. Analysis of their mindset is important. 

With the urban populace your task could be easy, but you got to know your product thoroughly. There will be potential customers who are smarter than you think and pin you down by an array of queries that you weren’t prepared for. Do your homework well to convince them that you are smarter. 

With a rural audience, you may face the real challenge. You will find customers who are skeptical about the product. They haven’t heard of it before, let alone using it. Market penetration will be tougher. Here you got to understand their psyche and step into their shoes, asking yourself the million-dollar question: What would I have done if I were in their place?

 Not only should your content speak their language, there should be some hand holding session before they feel comfortable with the new gadget. Once you win their trust, you have taken a big leap. 

Utility of your message will spread like wildfire. Your content writing exercise will receive a huge thrust and your content will be flooded with accolades. It is the inner chord of your audience that you have to touch. And touch well so that the vibrations reach deeper. The art of your delivery will make this possible and  that secret art is exclusively your brainchild. It will describe your brand. 

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  1. 9. Never be away from your audience

Writing groundbreaking content is not enough. You must provide space at the bottom of the content to have feedback. There you have their mailing addresses where you can have continuous interaction with them. Don’t make your content one way traffic. Make it run in both directions. 

Your audience will have numerous questions about the product / services you are promoting through your content. Answer these questions. You will be surprised to have a deluge of suggestions for improvement. Accept them and work on them. In this way you bring your audiences closer. 

No matter whether you are marketing your own products or you are working for an agency/organization promoting their products. This is the way you build your own brand. More you expand your communication network, the more the chance your content will have a larger reach. 

Without propagation of your identity, you will merely operate within a limited periphery. Only a few would know about your brilliance and don’t expect them to drive propaganda in your praise. You have to drive your own cart. 

10. Which age group are you interacting with?

If your audience is made up of millennials, your approach will be different from what you have done while addressing the baby-boomers. The former fall in the age group of 26 to 40 years. The baby-boomers fall between 41 and 60 years roughly.The response to external stimuli is different for each of them. 

Millennials have a quicker response to what you convey. Their gray cells work faster and can shift attention quicker from one subject to the other. Their span of patience is also short. What you are trying to emphasize repeatedly in the context of a subject may seem to them very obvious. To them these do not merit so much explanation and time consumption. Their biology is made up like that whether you like it or not. So your content should take care of all this and be structured accordingly. It should be brief and specific.

Whereas the Baby-boomers have more patience. Their attention span is longer.  Their thought process is more depth oriented. A concept may take time for them to grasp, but once done they will dig into it further until they master it. This is again a biological conditioning. When you are targeting baby-boomers as an audience, your content should be worded to suit their liking. 

What would be your way of communication with content writing? Please comment below. Do not forget to hit the like and share buttons.

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