Get Inspired With Experts To Grow in Digital Marketing
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Get Inspired With Experts to Grow in Digital Marketing

Are you confused about how to grow in Digital Marketing and build a personal brand? Afraid of pitfalls and failures? Well, the journey to evolve as a successful professional is always a great story.

Here is an inspiring story of an established Digital Marketer also into entrepreneurship. I am fortunate to get into an open conversation with him a few days before.

Q: Hi Zaman. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience in the Digital Marketing journey. Tell me something about you.

My name is Zaman and I stay in Mysore.  I’m an MBA graduate and a professional digital marketer, I have around 14 years of experience in different verticals such as banking, hotel, IT and ITES, and the oil & gas sector.

Currently, I’m working as a freelance digital marketer and handling various companies.

I’m also working as CEO of a startup company called SeekMe (

SEEKME is India’s innovative online ladies tailoring company and a startup for the home service industry where we provide multiple home maintenance services to our customers on one platform. We connect thousands of service providers to the customer through technology.

Along with this,  I also own a blogging site called Revival Soul (, Revival Soul is a website dedicated to promoting health and wellness through natural means. We believe that the human body is designed to heal itself and that by making simple lifestyle changes and incorporating natural therapies, we can optimize our health and vitality.

Q: What inspired you to be a Digital Marketer?

I’ve always been passionate about technology and how it can be used to reach and connect with people. When I started working in a digital marketing agency, I became even more curious about how digital marketing could be used to influence people’s buying decisions. I decided to learn more about digital marketing through courses and other learning resources and eventually sharpened my skills in this area. Now, I love using my digital marketing skills to help businesses reach their goals.

Q: Any best or worst moments in the journey that you would like to share?

There are many worst and best moments in this journey, it is a roller coaster for me.

I have many worst moments like every digital marketer would face. Such as in my early days’ clients never paid me even after doing their job.

Initially, I faced difficulty in making clients understand the concept of digital marketing and social media marketing.

And it was a big challenge for me in those days to close a deal because of a lack of portfolio.

And my best moment was when I grabbed my first business deal of 3500/- rupees.

Q: What are the learnings from those moments?

Whatever the difficulties, you have to keep working, keep going. In fact, those early failures make you more perfect, precise, and expert.

Because those bad moments force you to overcome that situation with a better solution so that you can avoid those things from happening in the future. It means it is making you stronger and more confident.

That’s why we always need to be grateful for those tough times.

Q: What are your future ambitions?

As of now, I’m focusing on SeekMe and Revival Soul, and want to see these two as brands in near future.

Q: What do you think about the way Content writing is evolving? What content writers need to follow most?

The content writing industry has evolved a lot over the past few years because the content is the way you communicate with your customers and it is one of the most important marketing tools for any business.

The aim of a content writer should be also to create content that is shared and liked on social media and has a long shelf life and the most important thing to be considered is the audience.

The customer is always right and the customer knows what he wants. The content writer should be able to know what the customer is looking for. The content writer should be able to create content according to the customer’s needs and preferences. The content writer should be able to create content that can be used by the client and the customer. The content writer should be able to create content that is easy to read, interesting, and eye-catching.

Q: What is your #1 suggestion for personal brand building in Digital Marketing?

Actually, I have 4 suggestions for personal brand building.

One is having in-depth knowledge of your niche, the second is building a similar network, the third is being consistent in what you are doing, and the fourth and very important is maintaining the quality of your work.

I also suggest following the LPR method. Means, Learn, Practice, and Repeat.

Keep learning new things and keep yourself updated, practice those newly learned things, and keep repeating them till you become an expert in them.

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